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Do you currently have a website? Is it up to date?

When we say up to date, we are not referring to the artistic nature of your website nor are we referring to any recent updates of your website content. In contrast, we are actually referring to the format in which your website has been developed.

If you have not built your website within the last two years, then unfortunately your website is currently outdated. This may come as a shock to you and you may be asking yourself “how can I determine if my website is really outdated??” We suggest that you type your website address into your smart phone (iphone, android, blackberry etc…) and see if it is view able. If your website is not view able then your website is currently outdated. Research shows that many people currently own smartphones and navigate online with their hand held devices (source: This means that your website must be created using the current web standard or it will not be an effective marketing tool for your business. Another advantage of an ‘up to date’ website is the opportunity to increase your rankings on google (#1 search engine) by inserting key words related to your industry; this will allow you to attract more of your targeted clients! Think about it. How many people do you know that currently play their music using a record player? What about a cassette tape? CD? We are living in a fast paced world that is continually growing and evolving and it is important that you remain in tune with the current technology in order to capitalize on opportunities for your business to grow.

Change Promotions Inc. Marketing has an in-house web team that exists to serve you and create your ‘up to date’ website from beginning to end based on your interests and budget. Simply download and complete our Website Development form on our ‘Make an Order’ Page on our website; this can be downloaded from your computer or smart phone.


We at Change Promotions Inc. recognize the power of a satisfied client and as a result we believe that the success of a business is vitally dependent upon the satisfaction of its customers/clients. Therefore, as your marketing assistant we believe it is our duty to encourage you as business owners/decision makers to begin to give deep thought to increasing the satisfaction of both your current and future clients/customers.

One manner in which we advise you to increase the satisfaction of your customers/clients is through the use of a reward system for their loyalty to your business. There are many examples of successful companies that have tapped into this powerful tool to increase customer retention and providing rewards for customer loyalty. One such company that utilizes this effective tool is the Bank of Montreal; this company rewards its clients with air miles every time a purchase of over $15 is made using their BMO credit card.

As a result of this effective customer retention tool, we at Change Promotions Inc. would be honored to create a reward system for your business that will enable you to increase the retention of your customers. As your marketing assistant, we will lead by example and for the remainder of the month of September we will provide our client with 15% OFF on your next order if you provide us with a referral that makes an order with our company before the end of September.

Contact us right away so that we can create a customer reward system and retention plan for your business!!!!

Introducing the *Better Price Program* for our clients!

We at Change Promotions Inc.take great pleasure in our ability our to provide all of our clients with top quality service. As a result of our commitment to serving our clients with excellence, we are continuously discussing and implementing new strategies and programs that will serve as catalysts in our mission to serve you.

With over 7 years in the marketing industry we have built great relationships with our suppliers in all aspects of our business, with this in mind they look to serve us the best they can also. As a result of these strong relationships founded upon the unchangeable desire to serve, we have decided to implement the *Better Price Program,* (which takes affect immediately). With this new program our clients can provide us with a copy of any invoice for materials that they use and budget for, and we will communicate with our suppliers the best we can to provide you with a better price for what it is that you are currently paying for or have purchased recently. This program is the answer to cutting your business expenses and increasing your profits, and the best part is that there is NO RISK or ADDITIONAL COST to you! It only benefits you to see if you can save money, which in turn can be used for expanding your operation. We are truly committed to the success and profitability of your company and with the *Better Price Program* we believe that our commitment will be demonstrated in a tangible manner. Call us now to make your next order!! And visit us at


SPECIAL PRICE FOR THIS MONTH $5/SQFT (for all banners 24sqft or more)

Due to recent orders made by our clients, we have become increasingly aware of the tremendous benefit and need for banners as a marketing medium. As a result of our desire to serve you in a manner that will most effectively aid in the profitability of your business, we are offering rock bottom prices for our banners. Take advantage of this promotion because we are not sure when we will be able to offer this again.

Banners can be very beneficial for your business; what they do is create awareness for whatever it is that you would like to bring attention to, Whether it is for customers outside or even internal staff, banners are very effective in getting your message across.

Some Great Ideas for Banners include:

* + MORE
*Your business name/logo, location and phone number
*listing of your products/services offered

Also, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing a banner for future use if you find that you may not need a banner at this present time. If you need a banner 6 months or even a year from now, get it done at this low price. the cost of banners average range is $8sqft – $10sqft save now by paying half price!

Along with this promotion. if design is required, we will also be doing designs for all banners for 1/2 price.


Is your Business Slow

Take advantage of the Summer Months!

There is only one more month of summer.
NOW is the time you need reach out to your clients/customers before they bundle themselves inside their warm homes in winter months. There are many great promotions we are providing for you to be able to take advantage of. we offer many of the same services in the winter, although summertime is when everyone is outdoors and receptive to new things. even if it is something as simple as handing out your business card to people. it can do you wonders in expanding your businesss.

So often we hear business owners saying “Business is Slow” and then we meet other business owners of the same industry saying that “Business is GREAT!” there is a common denominator “Advertising”. Thats right, every business owner who is optimistic of their business is doing alot of marketing and those that are worried about paying next months bills on their business are not doing any marketing at all. We encourage all businesses to MARKET MARKET MARKET your business. if no one is aware of what you are doing, no one can know what to buy from you.

We are hear to make things easier for you. use us as a delegate for your business. as your “Marketing Assistant!” we will provide you with great prices for Whatever it is YOU need to run your business more effieciently. if you are not sure of what we can do for you, give us a call and ask, it’s that simple and it doesn’t hurt to do. our office number is 289-217-8411 you can view some of our recent work on our newly revamped website

Some of the most popular order requests we recieve from clients are:

Print Material (Business Cards, Flyers, Booklets, Banners, Signage)
Toner/ Ink Cartriges at whole sale price!
Website Development (websites are built custom to your requests!)
Distribution (We will distribute whatever it is you need at which ever location you request!)

+ Much More.

Speed up your business for your clients and let us help you do it!

Celebrate the launch of our new website with 10% off all orders.

With the launch of our new website, we at Change Promotions Inc. would like to include our clients in this time of renewal and refreshment. As a company we have entered into a new phase of growth; as a result we found it only fitting to include our cherished clientele within this new phase. Your inclusion in our development as a company enables you to experience a 10% discount on any new orders placed before July 29th. This discount is our way of allowing you to step into a new phase of growth within your respective companies by purchasing marketing material that you may utilized to initiate this change.

We have NEW Products/Services

Toner/Ink Cartridges: (Let us know your cartridge number and we will provide you with a price at Wholesale Cost!
Paper: We provide premium paper for the same price of the low grade paper at Staples/Grand and Toy (minimum 5000 pages)
+ More to Come

Your Marketing Assistant!
Change Promotions Inc.

The Value of a Sales Agent

Many companies are seeking to increase their revenues and consequently increase their profits.

In any business, sales is the catalyst that drives revenues and profits and promotes the growth of a company. Thus, a company’s ability to achieve success is highly dependant on its acquisition and training of a skilled sales team. Although this fact has been proven true in the lives of many business owners, finding skilled salespeople has seemed to be a task that is easier said than done. As your marketing assistant, we at Change Promotions Inc. have recognized this need and we possess the skilled sales agents that many companies are looking for. As a result, we have created a phenomenon known as a SALES CAMPAIGN. This sales campaign allows your company to use the human capital and expertise of the Change Promotions Inc. to sell your products as representatives of your company. Call now to receive more information about this campaign that has the potential to revolutionize your business!!


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