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Musician Packages

Change Promotions Inc. has over 7 years experience in the Music Industry, and is familiar with all important aspects related to excelling in it. Throughout the years we have determined the necessary traits of an elite musician. Although it does starts with having talent, it certainly does not finish with it. Working with us will provide you with all of the characteristics required to be an official talent, everything starting with how to write a song up to making your music available in stores!

Making it to the top of the industry is a step-by-step progression and we are here to guide you ‘every step’ of the way so that you do not miss any. Whether you have an advance budget from your label or a personal budget, we will work along with you to provide the best service your budget entails.

Here are the services we offer for Marketing Services:

  • Recording Studio Session

    Change Promotions Inc. provides a multi-track recording studio specializing in Music Production, Voice Over Recording, Multimedia Recording, Podcast P more

  • Audio Editing

    If you are doing any type of audio recording projects; online or offline, Change Promotions Inc. can edit your recordings to make them sound even bett more

  • Audio Production

    The most crucial thing for an artist to compose a hit is for the artist to have solid production; engaging instrumentals to put behind their written m more

  • Mastering

    It’s one thing to have a song professionally mixed, but even the best mixes will benefit from being properly mastered. A well mastered song will sound more

  • CD Duplication

    Change Promotions Inc. can provide a professional complete product, including printed disc, printed cover, barcode, and shrink-wrap. Whether you need more

  • Artist Consulting

    Are you new to the music industry? Need people to notice your band? Need to build a fan base? Need shows and sponsors? Want to build your online prese more

  • Song Writing

    As a music professional, writing is a key component. You can have the greatest song concept but it is important for an artist to understand how to pro more

  • Vocal Lessons

    When it comes to singing, there are many people with raw talent; although the fruit is better when it is ripe. Our certified vocal instructors are her more

  • Dance Lessons

    As a musician today it is not only important to have good vocals, but it is also important to have some good dance coordination to go with those vocal more

  • Instrument Lessons

    Change Promotions Inc. is connected with many professional instrument instructors. Regardless of the instrument you want to learn or your experience l more

Change Promotions has always come through for me in a timely manner! Their efficiency is well above average and their professionalism is exemplary.
Sandra Dawes, President, Embrace Your Destiny

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