With over 12 years experience,
Change Promotions Inc. has gained a rep of throwing great events!

Event Planning

Event planning is essential for an event to be a success. The process of planning should be started months prior to the date of the event, and all aspects should be discussed. Topics should be quickly brought to the table are purpose of event, funding, goals, and what will occur the day of. If you do not have the professionalism at your table, Change Promotions Inc. can provide you with an Event Planning Coordinator that can take that seat.

If you do, Change Promotions Inc. can also provide you with all intangible and tangible necessities that are required in order to ensure everything is covered, so you can have a successful event.

Change Promotions Inc. have thrown a series of events such as, Shining Starz, See-Low 3on3, Mixed Arts, Unified, Summerlicious and 2009 Sponsor Appreciation. Please check out more of our events at www.changepromotions.com.

Here are the services we offer for Event Planning:

  • Event Planning Coordinator

    Our Event Planning coordinator leads you from start to finish ensuring your event is strategically planned. Our coordinators are responsible for devel more

  • Document Assistance

    Our Event Planning coordinator leads you from start to finish ensuring your event is strategically planned. Our coordinators are responsible for devel more

  • Participant Search

    For whatever type of event you are hosting, our representatives can help you go through the entire process of making it happen. If you?re hosting a sp more

  • Catering

    For every event the number one thing that is expected is food. Depending on the type of event you will be hosting, Change Promotions Inc. can provide more

  • Transportation

    Special occasions deserve special service. Change Promotions Inc. can provide you with all accommodations for transportation bookings, such as Limo Se more

  • Unique Venue Selection

    Are you looking to host an event, but don’t know where you would like to host it. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is the most important thing for any ent more

  • Volunteers

    Are you in need of volunteers? Depending on the type of event you are hosting, Change Promotions Inc. encourages community involvement and can assist more

  • Security

    Change Promotions Inc. places public safety at the forefront of all aspects of our planning. more

  • Disc Jockeys (DJ)

    Don’t take any chances pursuing a DJ for your event, Change Promotions Inc. has a roster of skilled Disc Jockeys who can suit your needs from Birthday more

  • Musicians & Dancers

    Change Promotions Inc. provides entertainment for a multitude of functions. Our diverse roster of professional entertainers caters to all types of eve more

  • Models

    Need to hire models? This is the right place; whether your budget is low or high we got models for YOU. Our clients have the choice to trade-for-photo more

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Sound

    No matter for what type of event being hosted, Change Promotions Inc. will provide you with the best quality audio services required to bring the leve more

  • Lighting/Effects

    Lighting is a very important part of staged events. Our lighting director must work closely with the technical director and stage director in order to more

  • Projector/Display

    Projectors are very useful for advertising purposes; they can be used to display company advertisements and logos. They are primarily used in large ve more

The Change Promotions and Marketing team is a very motivated group of young people who are very focussed and business oriented. I admire their commitment to the community at the grass roots level through the various projects that they conceptualise and implement. Sterling Dentistry have been partnering with Change Promotions for approximately six years and we are very pleased with the outcome of the projects that we have partnered with them to implement. Our most recent collaboration was a community barbecue held on Canada Day, July 1, 2012 which was a huge success.
Devon Case, General Manager, Sterling Dentistry

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