Todds Rocket Fuel

Bottle Label
Project Overview

With the sudden emergence of the energy drink market, one entrepreneur saw an opportunity to seize a portion of the market share. The recognition of this opportunity stimulated the creation of Todd’s Rocket Fuel. With the creation of this new company entering a market containing Red Bull and Monster it was vital for Todd’s Rocket Fuel to begin to establish its brand identity.

Our Solution

As a result of the desire to begin to create a brand identity for Todd’s Rocket Fuel, Change Promotions Inc. began its business relationship with Todd’s Rocket Fuel with the creation of company t-shirts. However, in an attempt to establish brand identity, Todd’s Rocket Fuel decided to provide its product using 750mL wine bottles. As their marketing assistant, Change Promotions took on the task of creating Todd’s Rocket Fuels custom labels.


  • Quick turnover
  • Customized look
  • Market differentiation
  • Brand identity
  • Low cost

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