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Project Overview

A music and entertainment website for iLL Records. Listen to their songs, watch their videos, follow them on on social media and streaming platforms. Watch live performances. Showcase their talent to Canadians where most of the artist are from but also around the world.

Our Solution

Change Promotions created a blog style website for Illyance, the same style the masses in the world are normalized to. The standard new material on top, scroll down for older content style website. With posts of content just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many of the other social media platforms that Illyance has links to them on the website. Follow iLLyance throughout their journey with more music in the making.


  • Soundcloud Intergration
  • Flashy Design
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quick Updates
  • Easy Updates
  • Up to Date
  • WordPress

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