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Mission Statement

To provide businesses and business owners with marketing services and products that are customized, reasonably priced & provided with consistently high quality.


Change Promotions Inc. was founded in 2005 as a business to consumer (B2C) corporation. In a Brampton home, three young men began to formulate the ideas which would become the seed of an originally event oriented company. With the creation of entertainment events such as the highly successful See-Low Basketball Tournaments and the Shining Starz Talent Concert series Change Promotions Inc. developed a strong following within the Brampton municipality. As a result of the success achieved in the entertainment events Change Promotions Inc. began to garner the attention of the businesses that played the role of event sponsors.

This opened the door for Change Promotions Inc. to begin to assist these businesses in their respective marketing endeavors. It was through this evolution of events that Change Promotions Inc. recognized the need in the business environment for marketing services.

The Business to Business (B2B) operation of Change Promotions Inc. was officially launched in 2011. With the calculated balance of tenacity, innovation, and diligence Change Promotions Inc. continues to expand its products, services, and the geographic location of its client base. To date we are proudly the Marketing Assistant of over 100 businesses in the Ontario region (Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Scarborough, London, Barrie, Markham, Milton, Georgetown, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton.)

Change Promotions Inc. is comprised of a team of vibrant, tenacious, and diligent individuals that are committed to serving and thinking “outside of the box”. With the vigor of youth and the heart to serve, Change Promotions Inc. will go the extra mile to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their marketing needs.

Change Promotions a young aggressive, ambitious group of business men who is going to take the marketing/advertising world to the next level. This group has the complete package, excellent customer service, and a well maintain business practice. This company is growing on a daily basis. I’ve had the privilege to work with them over the years and I have no complaints. I’ve also had the privilege to correspond with this group before they went into business and I’m glad to know them on a personal and also a business level. Change Promotions will do well from onwards to the future.

Lincoln Cameron, Owner, Upper Cut Barbershop and Salon

Company Profile

Change Promotions Inc. is a diversified marketing company, focused on serving businesses of all industries through customized and innovative marketing solutions. As an innovative company in marketing, Change Promotions Inc. integrates print, design, distribution and technology into marketing solutions based on fundamental customer insights and the corporate promise of providing marketing assistance.

Continuous Growth

While Change Promotions Inc. has seen continuous growth of its marketing sector since its inception, its long-term strategic plan is to expand internationally. With an emphasis on “serving” and not “selling” Change Promotions Inc. is continually searching for new and innovative methods to expand both its market share and the market share of its clientele. Intent on maintaining a consistent strategy of development both internally and externally, Change Promotions Inc. is continually adding new members to the team through the recruiting of new sales agents and acquisition of new suppliers.